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Women's Empowerment

A core priority of AAURAA HOME FASHION is to level the employment field for underprivileged women by providing bold livelihood options that enhances women’s economic status, dignity, and decision-making within their families.



We trust strongly in the importance of sustainability and being a environmental conscious company, we have taken great measures towards eco friendly production so as to ensure we give back to mother earth in every way possible.


Pre-Sales Servicing

Engage rather than sell is the motto we go by. We believe in working as Co-Creators rather than Marketeers, thus developing an important relationship with our clients. Many go back almost two decades, through our consciously customized pre-sales services.

Corporate Social Responsibility




Good News

We have 1000 Software techniques in embroidery which can also simulate hand embroidery techniques.

We offer Semi-Digital Printing that is very cost effective compared to digital printing

Our Organic Collection started 15 years ago giving us a head start in this area!

We were the first to start a deep collection of glitter and shimmer and Metallic 4 years ago both in Print & Embroidery.

Our specialization is Delivery / Quality and Design. Our Super Specialization is Holiday / Thanksgiving / Christmas.

We are fully certified for all the 25 countries we export to. We have passed Due Diligence by all the Major Retailers.

Pro-bono Activities

Empowering village women by providing free training on activities related to weaving, packaging, stitching and quality checking

Planting trees for a more eco-friendly environment

Supporting underprivileged children's education by providing books and other educational resources