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about us


Established in 1995, Aauraa Home Fashion is a leading manufacturer and exporter of home textiles and furnishings from Karur, India. With 7 certifications that meet all international standards, AHF has built an excellent reputation in this challenging sector, with over 25 years of experience and expertise.

We strongly believe in fair practice, an eco-friendly sustainable environment, empowering women, employee satisfaction and radically transparent ethical labour practices. 

Apart from the security of long-term contracts that we offer, we specialise in Pre-sales service which is uniquely customized and customer friendly. Our team of experienced merchandisers interact closely with potential clients, and exchange ideas and mood boards even before the order is placed, so that the client is extremely confident and comfortable with their final product.

Our 10 acre campus is surrounded by greenery and is the perfect setting for an environmentally conscious organisation such as ours.

We have a fully holistic approach to life and work, beginning with morning prayers, so that all workers begin the day with fresh thoughts and positivity.

our vision

At Aauraa Home Fashion, we believe in environmentally sustainable production methods, local community development, and a commitment to excellent work quality. 

our mission

Is to maintain honesty, equality, respect for rights and integrity in the workplace, and to create world class products.



Nirmal Mirza

Director – Marketing & Product Development


With over 30 years of valuable industry experience, Nirmal Mirza has been a trailblazer among women in this field. She was one of the first to lead teams at International Home Textile Trade Fairs in the 1980s and 1990’s and was also one of the first to represent Asian women in Asia at the Dutch Government Entrepreneurship Programme. She has also held many offices as a president and committee member of various organizations and NGOs. Her visionary approach has been a key factor in leading Aauraa Home Fashion’s growth, making it a pioneer in the industry. 

P. L. Easwaramoorthy 

Director – Human Resources and Finances


Mr. P.L. Easwaramoorthy has worked in the textile Industry for over 35 years. He is an outstanding humanist and has been involved in various noble charitable causes in Karur. Spiritually inclined, he is ethical in business and an excellent ‘people person’ as well.

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K. P. Elangovan

Director – Production & Quality Control


A humble, unassuming and extremely knowledgeable person in the textile field of textiles, Elangovan’s profound knowledge of weaving has helped Aauraa overcome many challenges. His innovative, scientific and fair approach to quality and pricing has given Aauraa Home Fashion an outstanding reputation. 

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