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sustainable manufacturing


Aauraa Home Fashion has always been an innovator in eco-friendly production methods. 

We care deeply about how each product is made and its impact on the environment. We have intentionally built our supply chain to support responsible production, from raw material to finished goods.

Sustainability in factories usually bridges over 4 areas; energy, sourcing, water and waste in terms of manufacturing practices.

Aauraa Home Fashion has efficiently managed to embrace all four areas by usage of renewable solar powered energy, reverse osmosis water plantations and cradle to cradle recycling concepts. Our Reverse Osmosis facility is one of the most environmentally responsible processes, and we also have a fully equipped solar kitchen, which serves the workers, mostly women who live on the green campus.

Our factories are proactively designed to use energy efficiently, conserve natural resources and generate zero waste.

We believe in the concept of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ – a new design practice that is a set of principles focusing on waste prevention, that encourages the redesigning of resources so that all waste materials are reused

Our initiative titled “Greening the Environment” has been another constant where a wide range of trees are planted as a contribution to a better environment. 

To maintain the plantation, waste water from the employee’s quarters is first channeled through our Reverse Osmosis treatment plant, making it suitable for domestic use. This treated water is then redirected to the plantation field.

As a GOTS and OEKO TEX -100 certified Home Textile exporter from Karur, the ecological requirements are being maintained in the factory and sustainability is practiced throughout.  

System certification of ISO 9001:2015 measures the systemized production in the factory, thereby fulfilling the production requirements in terms of the law required to be a Fair Practice company.

At Aauraa we aspire to constantly improve sustainability and eco-manufacturing, so that we give back to nature consistently and frequently. 


Green Campus


Reverse Osmosis


Solar Panels

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