Aauraa Home Fashion Design Studio

Design Studio

We have a talented all women team of designers and merchandisers along with other technical staff constantly researching and studying current trends and ideas inorder to design and develop cutting edge designs and products.

Aauraa Home Fashion Weaving


Our weaving unit is housed in a modern department , built specifically for this purpose over an area of 20,000sq ft. It consists of warping machines, auto-looms, power looms and handlooms such as the airjet, sulzer, rapier etc enabling us to create different textures and fabrics along with jacquards and dobbies .

Aauraa Home Fashion Printing Unit

Printing Unit

In order to accommodate all of our clients needs and demands ,we are equipped with different printing machines such as the screen printing, rotary printing and the semi automatic digital printing with 12 color accomadation ensuring full process flexibility.

Aauraa Home Fashion Embroidery Unit

Embroidery Unit

Our embroidery unit is equipped with sophisticated computerized multi head embroidery machines capable of executing intricate nd delicate designs. We have a data bank of a 1000 hand simulated embroidery techniques and is one of our biggest fortes.

Aauraa Home Fashion Stitching And Finishing

Stitching And Finishing

We have a state of the art in-house stitching unit with with huge capacities equipped with line supervisors and quality controllers monitoring the quality of sewing and finishing all the time there as ensuring all the buyer parameters are met.


A raw inspection takes place at the early stage of every process so as to detect and avoid any possible defect at each stage.

Aauraa Home Fashion Quality Checking

Quality Checking

At Aauraa we believe that God is in the details .

Every product undergoes a rigorous quality checking in order to avoid any defects and ensure their degree of compliance. Any defect found are reported at this stage therefore as to not compromise with the quality of the products.

From testing the yarn to the quality of cartons used for packing, our quality assurance department is fully involved so that only the best is produced and delivered

Packaging, Packaging, Showroom


We have an efficient in house packaging team that ensures all product are packed according to buyer requirements and standards.


Our storage unit consist of a total built up area of 100,00 sq ft ensuring on time and prompt delivery.


Our showroom consist of a vast library of eclectic range of design and products. The possibilities for combining different products, patterns and materials are endless.