Leading manufacturers and exporters of home textiles in Karur, India, ISO 9001:2015.

About Aauraa Home Fashion

"Our legacy woven one day at a time”

Established in 1995 Aauraa Home Fashion are leading manufacturers and exporters of home textiles and furnishings from Karur, India. We stand as a symbol of excellence and high reputation in a sector that is highly competitive and constantly challenging.


Aauraa Home Fashion Philosophy

“What we do comes out of who we believe we are.” - Rob Bell

Every job is equally important to us done with commitment and integrity.

The sole mission of the company is to deliver every product made to perfection in the best way possible to our customers as we believe that the best way to engage with life is to immerse one's self fully and sincerely in what we do.

Ethical and fair trade manufacturing that are eco-friendly, sustainable, radically transparent with ethical labour practices are the driving philosophies that endorse us.

Our Team

Nirmal Mirza

Nirmal Mirza

Director – Marketing & Product Development

Nirmal Mirza brings 30 years plus experience to the table in this field. Earlier founded and led Wooltop Weaves one of the ‘model companies’ in the 90’s. She has dealt with Major retailers and wholesalers all over the World. She has had several firsts to her credit including representing Asian women at the Dutch Government Entrepreneurship Programme for 3 weeks and being a early woman participant in many serious International Home Textile Trade Fairs in the 80’s and 90’s, as well as holding many offices as President and Committee Member of various organizations and NGO’s. Her visionary approach has contributed to Aauraa’s growth as one of the Leaders of the Industry.

P.L . Easwaramoorthy

P.L . Easwaramoorthy

Director – HRD & Finance

Mr. P.L. Easwaramoorthy comes from a farming family and has been in the textile Industry for the last 35 years. He is an outstanding humanist and has been involved in various noble charitable causes in Karur. Spiritually inclined, he is considered a ethical business person in Karur.

K.P. Elangovan

K.P. Elangovan

Director – Production & Quality Control

A very humble and unassuming and extremely knowledgeable person in the field of textiles. His profound knowledge of weaving has helped Aauraa face many innovative challenges and come out with flying colours. His Scientific and Fair approach to quality and pricing has given Aauraa a reputation for Fair pricing.

Our success story

"Aauraa Home Fashion faces the textile market with such resoluteness that is quite enviable"
The company specializes in providing the best mix of economy and quality for our home textile products with unprecedented after sales servicing ensuring long term business partnerships. Innovation combined with our experience in servicing our clientele has rewarded us in securing their unwavering trust. We offer customized solutions to our customers ensuring that their business standouts in the market. Our clients are top wholesalers and leading retailers in many countries including France, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, Spain, Russia, Greece, UK, Australia, Japan, Korea, Israel, Canada, USA, South Africa, Brazil, and Mexico.